Jamo DVR50 and Sky+


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I've been reading good things about the Jamo and am thinking of getting one with one of their nice speaker packages.

I'm after ease of use and because 80-90% of the useage is Sky and remainder DVD obviously Sky quality is very important.

I need to connect DVD and Sky to my Fujitsu plasma via Component and ideally want to do the same again. Currently DVD comp out to Marantz amp, Sky+ via RGB scart to Component convertor into Amp. One component cable out from amp to plasma.

I've had a look at the Jamo online manual and it appears that the Sky digital sound output goes into the DVR50, but the video goes directly to the screen.

Would I need some sort of component spliter?

Anybody using the Jamo with SKY? I'd appreciate feedback. Do you get proper Prologic sound with FL, FR, Centre and Rear speakers all working with Subwoofer on standard brodcasts such as Corronation Street?

Any inout appreciated.

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