jamo dvr-50&a305 htp or Marantz sr440+marantz dv4300+Tannoy FX5.1



Hi can anybody help?
I have just went out and got me a panasonic 42' plasma.So now i want to upgrade my panasonic SA-TH 70.I am looking at the Jamo DVR-50 & A305 home theatre package or the combo of a Marantz SR44000+Marantz DV 4300 + Tannoy FX 5.1.Does anybody have this combo?Will the Tannoy's sound good for music as well as movies?Or are any other packages i should be looking at?The DVD must have progressive scan and be multi-region.My budget is around £650.Any feedback would be a great help..

Thank You

I don't have your suggested amp but I do have the Tannoy FX 5.1 speakers, which, for around £165 to £180 price are amazing value. Having listened in the past to B&W, AE3B and other £1000 plus packages all I can say is don't waste your money on the more expensive products. The extra price IMHO does not provide vastly superior sound. I have watched 3 DVDs now (recently went from floorstanding speakers to save space) and have been totally immersed in the utterly convincing 'sound stage'. Each time I switch this system off I can't help but smile and think I can't believe the amount of 'bang for bucks' that I am getting from these speakers.:zonked:

Cheap as chips with a '£1000' sound. :smoke:

PS I do not work for Tannoy!!!:D
Thanks for that Pete.We like cheap as chips.What system are you operating with these speakers?Just out of curiosity.

Once again Thanks for you time

Sony strdb930. The sound I am getting from this 'old' amp plus the Tannoys have left me absolutely satisfied and zero, nilch, nada, no desire to upgrade.:)
Great Pete.Thats settled it Tannoy's for this dude.The cheapest i saw them was £199.95.any idea where i can get them for less?


I got a brand new set (in black) from DigitalDirect for £165, there was then £15 delivery charge and a 4 working day wait. They come with wall brackets and cable. I didn't use the thin cable they provide as I had lots of 'decent, thick' speaker cable...

Cheers Pete..

PS You will be amazed with these speakers!:smashin:
Thanks Pete. I will let you how i get on with these cool speakers

Cheers mate


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