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Jan 27, 2001
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Hi all,

I noticed these speakers reviewed in this months what hi fi sound and vision and thought to myself mmm im sure i saw those ages ago.
So i checked in HCC and found them reviewed in may 2001 !!!!!

Why on earth are what hi fi doing reviewing speaker packages that are almost 3 years old?

I checked and its not a markII version or anything like that. Maybe someone can explain.
I'm looking forward to your thoughts,
I read the review in this months mag as well. Regardless sounds like a decent package with a solid sub - I cant remember was it a 15" woofer ?
I believe that it is a 15" servo controlled sub, with a 400w supply. The Jamo specs rate it down to "only" 28Hz, though, which seems a little bit light for a sub of that size?.

its a paradigm servo 15 in a different box...... in alot of ways it is very similar. Or hold on..... im not certain, one of the D subs is, not certain which though

Thats the D7 THX Ultra 2 sub, and you need two to achieve Ultra 2 spec.
The D6 system has just recieved a huge price cut, thats probably why it was featured, I think its now about £1600 for 5 plus sub.
oh i knew you needed the 2 for the ultra..... i was just confused on the numbers. Do we know what the D8 sub is? i have heard of it too...

Sorry, I thought the "6" sub was the servo contolled one. £1600 for the complete package does sound kinda good. Whether the speakers sound equally as good, I don't really know. I have heard them in Global hifi, but not to a great extent.

The D8 sub, I believe (so I am probably completely wrong :eek:), is part of Jamo's mid-budget range. I haven't heard it, but would think the D8 nowhere near as good as the other two.

There is a review of an entire system here

if you check out most of jamos products, many of them have been about for years some many years. If it's (The design) not broke don't fix it.
£1600 for 5 plus the sub????
blimey,i must have got a good deal then?????
just paid £1520 for the 7.1 thx version
or am i talking rubbish?
the one i bought was the jamo d6 pex
is this the same one your talking about or a lesser model?
Jamo started to distribute their own kit over here themselves recently, could be something to do with the review, and price cut.
just wondering if you guys can assure me that the d6 sub is better than the velodyne cht-10 i currently have???
reason i ask is because the specifications say its frequency range is 28hz-200hz where the velodynes is 28hz-120hz.
The Jamo D6 is definately a 15" 400w SERVO controlled sub,
And the 28hz claimed specs isn't a problem, the sealed box coupled with inevitable room gain gives great response down to 20hz and below.
All round a very nice sub, I have the SW3015 version (same but with more features) originally £800 sitting in my loft waiting to be used again.
I can't comment on the rest of the speakers but should be good as well.

I went around the dealers a couple of weeks ago trying to get a deal on this system and didn't really succeed but anyway.

One dealer called Jamo while I was there and asked a few questions for me:

It is very much a current product as the Jamo sales person said, I guess they're getting people wondering why it hasn't been replaced yet ;)
It's THX Ultra not select.
The sub is low distortion servo drive.
They don't sell packages as such, all the components are available separately so you buy what you want. Roughly £200 per speaker and £600 for the sub IIRC.
You can get it in grey or black. Ooooo exciting. :D

I was told the Jamo's do sound very good but I'm sure Paul 1672 can let us know in a few days time on that one.

As for the 'late' review, Jamo and Onkyo have recently parted company on their distribution deal and it seems Jamo have a new sales rep. I would guess that Jamo are going for a push on their high end gear.

As for Unbeatable Jamo know about the price and .........
the age doesnt much matter, the paradigm servo 15 is as old as the hills!

A quote from the Jamo manual about the D6 sub:

"The D 6SUB features a massive MFB (Motional Feed Back) controlled 15" woofer. The woofer features a vented double magnet system and a long 4 layer 2" Kapton voice coil. The result is a very precise long throw woofer capable of making linear excursions up to +/-10mm.

The MFB circuitry enables the compact subwoofer to reproduce very low frequencies with excellent timing, and with very low distortion. In the frequency range required by THX (30 - 80hz) the acoustical distortion at 98 db SPL is less than 1%!"

A low distortion 15" sub for around £500/£600 why is there not more interest in it?
Here's me thinking I was going mad! I was sure the D6 sub was a servo one.
As for why there isn't much interest? Possibly because it isn't part of a SVS/Velodyne/Servo15 craze, and is instead made by a somewhat underrated company. I think that, money permitting, I will have to buy a set at this price.

can i be correct in saying that i have indeed bought a respectable speaker package for the money then?
Originally posted by paul1672
can i be correct in saying that i have indeed bought a respectable speaker package for the money then?

well your sub sure sounds like it! :D Jamo are a good brand, id say it was a good package to buy :)

well,its arrived!!!!!
all installed and ive managed to have a little play around.
every speaker is heavy!!!!
well constructed,only doubt is the brackets and screws they supply didnt look secure enough so i used my own screws to hook them on to.
first impressions,cant wipe the smile from my face!!!!!!!
now off to enjoy some more.
as far as im concerned ,a very worthwhile upgrade.
a very happy paul1672
Congrats Paul1672 - it is a very worthy speaker package at this price! Am saving up for one myself in fact (just need a decent amp, DVD, screen...)
They will no doubt improve once they have run in too

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