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Jamo A 325 speakers good or bad??

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by robbiedobbie, May 16, 2005.

  1. robbiedobbie


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    Having not got much money left after buying first home (and then buying myself a Hitachi 32LD7200!! :rolleyes: ), I'm looking at mid range home cinema setups.

    I'm favouring a Denon 2105 with some not too expensive but discreet speakers. I've been to severn oaks in Solihull who recommended the MA radius 45's. Nice and small but not sure about the tweeter at the back and the lack of power they can take. Went into John lewis and heard the Jamo receiver with the integrated DVD drive and the A325 speakers. They did sound pretty good. But then I heard the Denon 500 SD and thought that sounded better. I don't like the bigger Denon speakers (they look nice but it's size that matters!) So I'm looking at maybe getting the denon receiver and the jamo speakers (already got a DVD player).

    Am I missing something obvious that would be much better for me??

    Is getting speakers that can't handle the amp's full power a really stupid idea? I was wondering if I could sacrifice the power capability for a smaller sized speaker (like the radius 45s) and just not ever turn the amp's volume up too much! :confused:

    Many thanks for any help

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