James Bond Ultimate Edition DTS soundtrack ?

Fatty Owls

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Just listening to Goldeneye on my Yamaha rxv359, sounds great but i noticed that the DTS logo on the front display didn't light up as it does whenever i have played another DTS disc.To double check i set the receiver to accept only a DTS signal and then no sound was heard at all:confused: .Anyone else experienced this ?, or is there a hidden sound menu on the dvd ?

Fatty Owls

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Stuart Gray said:
Likely you'll need to set DTS in the sound menu of the DVD. Probably defaults to Dolby Digital.
I've had a good look around the dvd sound menu but can't seem to find an option to switch between 5.1 and DTS,which is strange as you normally get this on on other dvds.


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Sometimes it can be found under the languages menu


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Just press the Audio button on your DVD remote to cycle through the soundtracks. Eventually you'll come to DTS.

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