James Bond: Nightfire

rob j

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Has anyone played this game yet? If so, what are your opinions of it?

I bought this tonight on GC and am well dissapointed with it. IMHO, this game is utter S****!

I honestly think this is the worst game I have played in ages

Its all cut-scenes, followed by "go here and shoot this" scenarios, with a bit of driving in the mix :rolleyes:

Does anyone know Currys' policy on games returns!?!?


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Dunno about Currys policy mate, but from experience most computer game shops will do an exchange, I think game do a two week no quibble return. Maybe currys have something similar, but i doubt it. Give it a go cant hurt can it.


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swap it for Medal of Honour, which should be out on the cube soon. Glad I didn't go for JB: Nightfire now.


I had a demo of it of it on a cover disc and I did not like it, also in this months PC Gamer it only gets 58%.


ok, this game is worthless.
grafics are lousy and the game lacks feeling itself.

Duncan Craig

Most of these film-based games are utter drivel (except Goldeneye)
I've bought loads of games recently and taken almost all of them back.

I was going to get Nightfire but it looked like the previous pants Bond game which I had, same old stuff...

Timesplitters2 is dull formulaic cack, looks nice but absolutely no challenge at all.
Zoocube is going back, exchanging it for Tetris Worlds I hope.

On a brighter note though Blinx is total ****e as well, so it not just the Gamecube.

I hated Hitman 2 as well, why oh why couldn't the brick****house sized assasin punch and hit people, instead of having to covertly shoot or garott them, seemed really stupid.

Just got Eternal Darkness and Dinosaur Planet, both really, really good.

Now to invest in Unreal Tournament and patch in my broadband....hmmmm.

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