James Bond gets his own Sky TV Channel


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00 Overload set for Autumn

Not content with a blockbuster movie series, an upcoming Blu-ray collection and a brand new film, Skyfall, about to storm the box office, the World's coolest secret agent is to get his very own Sky Channel. The broadcaster has announced it is to show all 22 Bond Movies in HD this October on the Sky Movies 007 HD channel.

"The Bond movies are a very special franchise and we want to ensure that our customers will be able to experience it in a way they've never been able to before, and so we're going to create a dedicated channel Sky Movies 007 HD devoted entirely to James Bond showing the entire catalogue of films and loads of extra material," said director of Sky Movies, Ian Lewis.


"We're delighted that our customers will have the best Bond movie-watching experience ever with Sky Movies – uninterrupted, in HD, on demand and on the go."

The Blu-ray boxset is due on September 24 with the Sky Movies 007 HD channel planned for October 7.


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Hey what about a specialised "Rainbow" channel, one can't get enough of Zippy and his pals, or "The Flowerpot Men" channel, the original series of course...with lots of wee-eed and incomprehensible slobberotch, flobberwob-ob and some globerigobby, or a dedicated channel for "Muffin The Mule".... hold on that could be a porn channel. Hey in the meantime what about a dedicated channel on blah, blah, blah, blah. :boring:

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Cool I'll save myself £90 and cancel the blu-ray box set then

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