James Bond 007 UE £130.43 @ DVD Crave

Greg Hook

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Very nice set. Whats the customs likely to be on that? It's quite a big box too so do DVD Crave usually send things well packaged?

Also when they say 'digitally restored', does that mean the Die Another Day film disc is completely blank? :)


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Not sure of customs however I bought £30 of DVD's from them and never got stung, it's £24 for Del by UPS Express.



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They mark DVD's at $AU30 on jiffy bags which is £12. However, this is going to be bigger so they might do things differently. I wouldn't expect that set to be marked at $AU30.

I customs does happen then the admin charge will probably be more than the Post Office charge of £4. I have seen other delivery companies charge up to £10.

Indiana Jones

I have ordered several high priced items from DVDCrave over the years and they have all been marked as Gifts with a low value so this should get through ok.
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