Jak (1) on Playstation2 via SCART to PW6

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by imilne, Oct 29, 2004.

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    Interesting (or weird) subject maybe, but I've an issue with (mainly) this game where certain sections of the game cause the TV to do what looks like "losing the sync" on the picture.

    Or something. Anyway, when it happens the picture tends to jump up and down rapidly by a few inches, and flicker white a bit too. Then it seems to regain the "lock" on the picture and settle down again. It tends to happen when lightning is flashing in the game (in the Rock Village level) but has been seen elsewhere too.

    I'd put it down to this one game being funny, but then last night it did it quite often during a DVD too (rental copy so may have been fecked), and it's also done it while playing a demo disc of Jak II funnily enough.

    I've only had the PW6 a couple of weeks...what could it be? Faulty plasma, faulty PS2, faulty scart board, or just an unlucky set of circumstances?

    Gamecube and Xbox through the scart have been fine so far, although I do have that diagonal interference problem, but that's probably a question for another post...

    Thanks for any advice,


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