Jailbreaking up ATV2


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I am sure someone may have asked this before but can someone help. i have an ATV2 with iOS 5.2 and an iMac G5 with OSX 10.5.8. I have tried downloading both Seasononpass and Greenpoison but both of them say that they cannot run due to incorrect architecture or system. I would like to jailbreak the ATV but need some advice from someone with more knowledge, I have only just become an Apple user, the iMac was bought secondhand from eBay at a bargain price, and together with my iPhone and iPad2 i am totally sold on the products after many years of MS rubbish.
Any assisstance would be greatly appreciated.


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The problem with buying a G5 iMac instead of an early Intel one is that you're locked out of the vast majority of recent software updates. Support for PowerPC was dropped back in 2009.

Unfortunately, you're going to struggle with a lot of things, not just this.

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