Jailbreaking ipad mini 1


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Hiya. Ive got my daughter a 2nd hand ipad mini 1 to watch youtube..but..the youtube app isnt supported anymore on its final ios 9.3.5. So far, we're having to use the safari link to get it but as shes only 5, she likes to use the microphone option like on her old android based hudl2 to search for her fave videos. What im wondering is ..
will a jailbreak help me install the latest youtube app
will hello neighbor work now as it isnt supported again by 9.3.5
is it worth doing?




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Not worth doing. So many cheap properly supported devices out there if YouTube is the main thing.
Yeh it's the main thing. She has a hudl2 which battery life is now poor compared to the mini 1. And she wants that hello neighbour game . Could you recommend any tablets at a very reasonable cost?

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