Jailbreak ATV2 - Help please.


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I have followed the guides to jailbreak my ATV2 and created the custom ipsw file using the official 4.1 firmware file. The resultant file that Pwnage tool has given me is AppleTV2,1_4.1_8M89_Custom_Restore.ipsw

I have then managed to put the ATV in DFU mode and restored using this custom file. I know it has worked as I am able to SSH into the ATV and have installed the Plex client all fine.

However, when I check the Settings, General, About option it shows the software on the device being 4.0 and NOT 4.1. This is also confirmed as I am unable to stream video to the unit from iPad/iPhone using Airplay, with only sound being streamed.

Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong?

BTW, although Pwnage Tool says the unit is in DFU mode, iTunes does not say the ATV is in recovery mode, it just shows the usual screen given the option to Restore.

Totally confused and spent all night trying to sort this. I have a jailbroken ATV2 but I want 4.1 on it :mad:

Thanks in advance.


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At the moment you can't jailbreak the latest update, you can only jailbreak a modified version which is why you can't stream from your ipad.

If you jailbreak which sounds like you have you can install plex on the ATV which I have done, you can then stream all movies from your Mac to the ATV, this works quite well given this is still under development and literally a few weeks old.

If you want to stream content from your ipad you will need to leave your jailbreak on the ATV and update the software, you can then jailbreak your ipad (only tethered at the mo) and stream most content with airplayenabler which is a jailbreak only app that releases Apples restrictions on what programs can stream to your ATV.

Hope that helps


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Brilliant. Thanks mate. Will leave as is for now then as very happy with the Plex client on it. Being able to use Airplay would only be a gimmick anyway. Just so long as I know I have the latest version available that does what I want (Plex client) then that's great.

Just wish I hadn't wasted so much sleep last night :)


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Hmm. Looking around appears there are people who have Airplay working correctly with audio AND video and have Plex installed on their jailbroken ATV2. I am therefore guessing it is possible and ask again if anyone knows why when I do an update with custom 4.1 firmware file the ATV shows it as having 4.0 installed, not 4.1??


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Where have you seen this?

This was posted elsewhere and helped me to understand a little better.

We note up front that there is some confusion as to what the actual version of the Apple TV update is, since the version numbers are not entirely consistent. The second-generation Apple TV was released as “Software Version” 4.0 but actually ran “OS Build Version” 4.1 (8M89).

This is the version you have and have jailbroken, if you upgrade to the latest 4.1 you will lose your jailbreak, and if you have no jailbreak you have no Plex on the ATV2.

And at the moment to have a fully working Airplay you need the latest update which cannot be jailbroken with the current offerings.

I am staying put to keep Plex but like you would love to have it al,l so if you find a way around this I would love to hear.


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I'll have to go find the pages I was looking at.

Having updated mine with the custom 4.1 IPSW it still shows it as running 4.0. What version does your ATV say it is running?


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Again posted elsewhere

The latest update follows this same numbering convention, with the Software Version appearing as 4.1 and the OS Build Version appearing as 4.2 (8C150).

So if this is right the newer version is actually 4.2 but would show up on the screen as 4.1?

Mine and yours say 4.0 because it's a jailbroken version of the original which as explained in the previous post came saying 4.0 but is in actual fact is 4.1 (8M89)

And who said Apple keep things simple :laugh:

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