Jaggies Noooo - Smooth Edges Yes Please...

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by mpaul0055, May 8, 2007.

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    Alright folks, sorry for the slightly silly title, but hey....

    Ive currently got a Sony KDFE 50a12u in the front room, which has been doing great.

    Only prob is that its the main TV in the house, so me getting to play on my 360 and ps3 is almost impossible now... Please consider this guys before moving in with your girlfriend, as i didnt... :rotfl:

    So its 2nd TV Time for my game room, cough cough i mean back room...

    The one things baout the sony that has bgger me is, poor black levels, specially when viwing at night. and Jaggeis on games...

    Now i know part the jaggies problem is the Anti-analising inside the game. But it bought to my attention that certain TVs have special engines in them to combat these.

    Now the Tvs going to be mainly a Games Tv + sky hd and films occasionally.

    After having a very sharp, real picture from the sony, im thinking id prefer more of a smooth image. Less sharp but more colour, deeper black..

    Am i barking up the wrong tree with LCD, should i look for some Plasma Tvs.

    To be honest im very impressed with the SAMSUNG LE40R74BDX.. for the price it seems a great buy, and yeh it aint 1080p, but i can wait till i get a tv for the front room before taking that plunge..

    Any advise woudl be great, as im the most impatient person, a tv tonight is seeming like the only option..

    Cheers in advance...

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