Jagged edges watching Sky


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Having set up my PJ 'properly' for the first time at the weekend, I thought I would catch a game of footie last night on Sky. I changed between ITV and Sky Sports but the image was still the same. Very jagged images when the footballers were running and almost unwatchable but fine when the camera was focused closer to the players. Also, the ticker tape on Sky Sports News was the same. Is this a characteristic of a cheaper DLP PJ? (Benq 5120) or just down to the source or connections?
Everything is fine when watching DVD's so I think (I hope) it may be down to Sky broadcasting resolutions.
If it's any help, I have Sky connected to a Yamaha 750 amp via S-Video and then a (cheap £30) 10m component cable to the PJ.


Your doing a fair about of conversion there.. S-Video -> component -> projecto resolution. SKY's broadcast are notoriously bad anyway so I'd just making as few connections as possible. I use a 10m S-Video cable straight from SKY to projector. The picture is great on everything except footy, where by I get VB, this gets far less noticable as the PJ warms up tho.


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It's probably the projectors deinterlacing and scaling that are producing jagged edges on moving images. The projector is having to deinterlace a 576 line picture and then scale down to 480 lines and it may just not be doing a very good job of it. Sky do dedicate a lot of bandwidth to football, so I doubt that it's their fault. Even much more expensive projectors than the 5120 can show interlacing artefacts. Expensive de-interlacing circuitry helps, but the problem is ultimately with the way that all TV (except 720p high definition) is broadcast.


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Yes this is down to basic deinterlacing and scaling. Basic processing being the trademark of a budget projector. If your DVD is progressive scan then the deinterlacing is carried out in the player hence the better picture. If not progressive scan, then there is still the difference between deinterlacing film mode material (stuff recorded for cinema) and video mode material (stuff recorded on studio cams). e.g. on Sky TV, Sky movies won't suffer the jaggies, but football, chat shows, sit coms etc will.

Anway, you can get an external video processor which will have better technology in it. But these start at £500 for just a basic model, going up to thousands for the grand-daddy ones....


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Which of these is the best way connection wise to minimise the jagged effect?

Sky > S-Video > Amp > Component > PJ


Sky > S-Video > Amp > S-Video > PJ

I have my set up as number one. Will it make much of a difference if I go with number two? Can I feed both S-Video and Component to the PJ and just switch between the two depending on watching Sky or DVD, or will Component always take presidence when switching through the amp?

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