Jackie Brown - DTS?


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Am I being thick, or what? I've doing a search and I can't see that this hasbeen discussed here before so, chances are that I am!

The new JB CE advertises that it has a dts soundtrack on the box. Well I can't find it. Is the box mislabelled or do I have to wear a big pointy hat and stand in the corner?


And I watched her last night R1 in glorous DTS.

I selected audio options, DTs is the first option. It then comes up a confirmation screen where you have to select the DTS logo and then the little red dts logo lights up on you're amp. sweet

shame about the french credits tho :mad:

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Originally posted by graham.myers
shame about the french credits tho :mad:
There aren't any French credits unless you explicitly hit the "angle" button on your remote (or maybe select the French soundtrack). I have the R1 canadian and the credits are all in English unless I select otherwise. Probably an incompatibility with your DVD player or you sat on the remote ;)

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