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Jack Reacher (Entertainment Store Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Play.com

Release date: 22/04/2013

Status: OOS/OOP

* Limited to 500 copies (plus 500 replacement copies) *
* Embossed border and title *
* Full English J-card and ratings *



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lol. £27.99. they can do one. im sure there will be cheaper elsewhere soon.


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I've pre-ordered, can always cancel. I probably will.


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pjking said:
Yeah but worldwide the print run is probably 50k :p

Doesn't really matter, look at Skyfall. I don't think it will be, the only other countries getting this are China, France and Netherlands I believe. I imagine the combined print run might be as little as 10k.


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For that price - no thanks. Id marked this down as one i may get from France, but it looks a bit dull, i didnt see the film, Tom Cruise has his face front, back and inside.....dont really care if there are only 10, shame Amazon didnt get it at a decent price


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Cheaper than importing from France, it's an ace film and I've got Play vouchers to use up - winner :thumbsup:


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I actually think it isn't too bad looking a steelbook. I don't mind Tom's face. :-/


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I'm in for this. A UK steel, very limited, from a new supplier - too many ingredients to pass on. Whatever happens we won't be losing money on this one.


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I really don't fancy a steelbook where I have to see the religious nutter scientific weirdo messed up closet queen pygmy staring at me front back & inside (nothing personal Tom , sorry no offence huh ? ) :)


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Wootball said:
You know he denounced Scientology right?

When was that? Before it after his marriage failed?

Are this company legit & what packaging do they use?


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You know he denounced Scientology right?

According to the National Enquirer and Perez Big Mary Hilton he is "thinking" about leaving so it must be absolutely true then if those two reliable sources of media information say it. I mean they don't deal in non fact based rumours at all do they :rotfl:

Little Tom himself has said absolutely nothing on the subject and even less about denouncing it. I doubt if he ever would if those who "blended him in" and then quit themselves are to be believed about the psychoanalysis sessions & tapes and the dirt the top brass have on him regarding his sexuality.


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To be fair, if the personal life of an actor/actress bothered me, I wouldn't be able to watch 90% of the movies released.

^^^What he said^^^

This is an easy pass for me. Wasn`t overly impressed with the movie. Enjoyable, but not worthy of a steelbook release IMO.


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