Jack Johnson NEC


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Went to see Jack last night at the NEC, big venue and sell out crowd. Not been to the NEC for a few years, but back in the day I used to see the likes of Metallica, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, etc. They put on major shows, massive speaker stacks, extravagent stage sets the production must have cost a bomb and it all made your ears bleed.

Whereas good old Jack turns up with a few mates, couple of amps, laid back drummer and uses the in house PA. Sounds great and I've got no buzz in my ear this morning. I've not seen such a low key show at an Arena this size. It felt like I should have been watching this at a much smaller venue, but I guess he's too popular for that at the moment.

BTW he slipped a great white stripes cover in to the set :smashin:


Mate of mine went last night, too. Haven't spoken to him about it yet, but it sounds like it was a great gig - very laid back.


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is the currently available concert DVD a good buy?


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I can't comment on the actual DVD, but I can confirm he is good live and sometimes plays different vesrsions of songs to the album version if thats of interest.

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