IXOS PS2 to S-Video cable problem

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by MLAM, Mar 17, 2005.

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    Hi guys

    Having just bought a PS2 the other day and putting up with the rubbish composite cable it comes with.

    I got a IXOS PS2 to S-Video + 2 RCA Audio plugs cable.

    Now at the moment I plug the connectors through a video in adaptor on my Graphics card which works a treat when using the freeview box with the same configuration.

    I just tried it with my PS2 (with the new IXOS cable) and the picture came out in black and white, i wiggled the cable and i got the colour but however it seems to be very sensitive to what angle the cable is. so if the PS moves slightly i'll lose the colour again.

    The plugs are plugged in as far as they can go, however i noticed that the actual plug that goes into the PS2 does stick out slightly but i cannot get it to go in further.

    Is my cable faulty?

    I plan to test it on my TV downstairs later and see what happens.

    I hope I explained clearly and would appriciate information :)

    Many thanks

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