Ixos Gamma 6006



is this speaker cable a good one.?.i am using Marantz SR4300 with Mission M74i as front, Klipsch SC.5 centre channel and Mission M71i as rear, with a Mirage subwoofer, i am using Cambridge Soundwork 16gauge wire for the centre and the rear, and i'm constructed a pair of FFRC cable for my front speaker, do you think if i change the front and centre to the Ixos Gamma 6006 is a wise move.?.

since i got an offer for a pair of 3 metre run of Ixos Gamma 6006 for roughly usd40...is that a good deal.?.
or i can get some cheapo cable that constructed in main China at an very very attrative price, the brand is AudioMaster (i don't think its a big brand name either), but they have some cable twisted in a PVC jacket which looks great, 2.5mm X 2, and over 300 strand counts, selling for usd1 per metre...

or just get those plain 10/12 gauge cable with over 300 strand count as well, price is almost same....usd1 per metre...these are not twisted in a PVC jacket tough...

could you guys help me to decide it, coz i don't wish to just simply waste my money on the cables...

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