Ixos and QED Qunex HDMI Cables


Anyone know much about these makes of HDMI cables and if they are any good, or if I am just as well getting a cheaper cable?


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What length are we talking?


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In short, both brands make excellent HDMI cables.

Ixos Have 3 grades of HDMI cable (from lowest to highest):-
XHT288 (£35.99 upwards)
XHT458 (£53.89 upwards)
XHT658 (£78.99 upwards).

QED make two grades of HDMI cable :-
Qunex HDMI-P (£42.25 upwards)
Qunex HDMI-SR (£63.00 upwards).

I don't want to get in to the debate of whether one HDMI performs better than another as this has no doubt been debated many times already on here, some will say one HDMI cable will perform exactly as well as another regardless of price, others will argue that a good quality cable will and can perform better than a cheap one.

Just remember that the higher the resolution you send down the cable (e.g. 1080p) and the longer the cable run is, the more important (in my book anyway) the choice of HDMI cable is.


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Really no need to spend money on short (sub 5m) HDMI cables. Differences are practically non existent IMO. Go for something like the PS3 HDMI cable. If you want a brand name cable for some reason look at Profigold.


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I agree with the last poster I have read and tested myself that for either 1m or 2m there is no need whatsoever to pay for expensive HDMI's.

I own a 7m QED Quenex cable which cost me £70. I also own a 1.8m 'standard' HDMI cable. The PQ is indistinguishable.

If it were me I would recommend these from Kenable

HQ HDMI with Ferrites

Excellent store and excellent prices. And these HDMI's are simply a bargain. I have just today ordered two. :)

HDMI 19pin Male to HDMI 19pin Male - Gold Plated connectors and Ferrites at each end to remove interference at high resoloutions.

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