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Mar 29, 2002
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Has anyone here had any dealing with this company, good or bad.

Not had any dealings directly but am using their prices for a B/Card price promise. Thanks Ivojo :D
Thanks Ken :blush: Now I know about you I will check your prices when buyiung anything in future. Only found out about you cos of this thread. Nice prices.
So Ken where is my bonus :)

PS nearly was going to buy a PJ from you but I think I have found a better delivery timescale. Will let you know ;)

Messiah, have you had experience using the Barclay Card Price Promise before
I bought my Sony VW11 from PRC in Forest Gate For £4,150 bak in March then used a web based retailer to price match for the maximum £500 back.

You need to send them your BC statement showing the purchase and proof of the price you're matching against. It took less than 24 hours for them to agree the match but about 2 weeks for the money to be credited to my BC account.
blimey. So I can buy my panasonic projector from a local panny dealer (nice and convenient) and then get barclaycard to stump up the difference between that and the cheapest web price (about £100)?
Yep up to a max of £500 in 1 transaction and £1000 in 1 year
Why would barclaycard do this ? It must cost them a flippin' fortune.

In 'normal' circumstances a buyer has to make a judgement between paying the lowest price possible over the Internet or paying extra for service and backup by buying from a local 'bricks and mortor' dealer. In this situation Barclaycard seem to be willing to pay for that benefit on your behalf. Madness. Don't they even ask why you didn't just buy it at the lower price in the first place ?

Oh, and where can I apply for a Barclaycard ?

Originally posted by Allan Probin
Why would barclaycard do this ? It must cost them a flippin' fortune.

Oh, and where can I apply for a Barclaycard ?


BC make an absolute fortune so this makes their card even more attractive!

Try the www.barclaycard.co.uk site for on-line or phone applications. They only gave me a £3,000 limit to start so I had to credit the account with over £1,000 to buy my Sony VW11.
We've used Ivojo quite a few times when customers have wanted a component we don't normally supply, as part of a larger system.

The service has always been excellent, and the staff very helpful!
At last!!!

Someone who has used them.

Hurray :)
Oops. We'll get that sorted shortly and thanks for pointing it out. It's funny how you can see somthing every day for weeks and not notice a glaring error......
Well done Ken. Nice to see another dealer on line ;)

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