I've seen the new Pioneer 435FDE

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by nujjy, Sep 25, 2004.

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    Hi, everyone.

    I went into Currys and they have the latest Pioneer PDP-435FDE. Now, there has been a lot of debate about the quality of the picture.

    Currys hook up all their Plasma and LCD televisions via a terrestial co-ax cable. So I guess it makes a good comparison of all the televisions. I bought the Pioneer 434 from there a couple of days ago. The next day, the new 435FDE was installed and set-up. Using a terrestial signal, I have to admit that the picture was clearer... but NOT by a lot. The Panasonic PE30 still knocks any other plasma television (not monitor) in terms of picture quality for Terrestial/Sky etc.
    The whole '7 billion colours' claim did not appear to show much.

    I know that there's gonna be people saying that I haven't seen its true quality on HD sources or on a DVD, but since all the plasmas were connected using the same picture using the same input, I hada fairly good idea.

    Also, the screen seemed a bit squashed. I know that when watching widescreen, there can still be black bars on the top and bottom, but it seemed even more squashed than on the 434.

    I don't know how to do proper PQ testing etc. but from the naked eye, there wasn't much difference. The speakers do look nicer on the 435 and the Media Receiver looks very sleek (although they got rid of the front PC input, which I liked!).

    Anyone else seen the Plasma?
    What are your thoughts and impressions?

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    I just saw it down in Curry's Farnborough . It was close to the Viera so i was flitting between the two. There was no price on it. I have to say that I could see no real difference between the Viera and Panasonic - but a massive difference between the others (Maybe a marketing ploy by putting inferior signals on the others - grainy pictures etc)
    Aesthetically the 435 looked as good as the viera to my eyes. The real difference is in the Price as there are some cracking deals on the Viera (That's where my money will be going next week).

    I know that without seeing quality sources through the 435 it was not a real test, but as most of my viewing is Sky - the pictures were significantly better than most other brands.

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