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I've seen PC's put in a HiFi case...

Cafe Racer

Established Member
...but what about a HiFi (or, specifically, 5.1 amp) in a PC case?

I've been daydreaming about putting a PC in a case that matches my amplifier, so they look like matched components, but it's just occured to me to think about putting the amp in a HTPC case.

Am I mad? Can't see anything on google.

Other daft Ideas I've had were based around "lay flat" PC's, somehow having the mobo, graphics, TV cards, HD etc all "laid flat". Omaura had something coming out that was similar, before they disappeared. Max height would be the CPU fan, at about 65mm+mobo. External PSU.

It could either be made into a shelf to stand an LCD on, or possily use VESA mountings to fasten to the back of an LCD (or sandwich between a wallmount and LCD). Or wall mount underneath an LCD...

The other idea I've had, is to get a tower case (PLENTY of room in one of those) that's the same size as my sub, stand them a metre apart, put a shelf over and call it an LCD stand...

I'm just looking at ways of "cleaning up" in the lving room. The less clutter the better...

Cafe Racer

Established Member
The drawer idea would be a laugh, but potentially unsafe. It's make hot swapping SATA drvies easy, though :D

I've always liked the idea (what was that false chimnney breast bloke's name?) of having a remote PC, with just a thin slot loading DVD and IR pickup under the TV, but it's not practical in our house.

On the lay-flat, one idea was to house it in a smoked or clear perspex housing so you can see the components, but I think really having the components hidden/invisible is the better idea...

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