i've lost 20 freeview channels??

Discussion in 'Freeview & YouView' started by matty2767, Jun 20, 2004.

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    i have had freeview for about 2 weeks. with the sony box and a new aerial.

    yesterday i was listening to radio 1 over the freeview and everything was fine. then at night i was flicking through the channels and i couldnt get anything from the block transmitted with the radio 1, 2 etc or channel 5. ie none of the channels on mux a.

    i tried doing a retune, more than once, but it can only find 52 channels.

    could the problem be simply down to the aerial moving slightly or is the box faulty?. all the other channels are fine and the nottingham transmitter, which i aim at, transmits the mux a on a frequency which is midway along the band so i dont know why i carnt pick it up.

    has anyone any ideas?



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