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I've just joined the YLOD club :( Any advice for what to do next please?


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Well as the title says. I had just put in Gran Turismo 5 and watched the intro and then the famous YLOD happened :mad:


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Replace with a slim would be my advice.[

Is the slim not affected by the YLOD then?

Oh and looking at your AVF profile pic, that's the game that is stuck in it and I did'nt even get to play it :thumbsdow


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I have not heard of Slims getting YLOD, but the Phats are more or less guaranteed to go belly up at some stage, some YLOD and some with faulty lasers.

Three of my mates are on there third and a few more on the second console.


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Have a read of this link from the forum. Follow the steps and send a letter, along with damage report, to your retailer's head office and hope they will see the light and replace (or at least repair) under Sale of Goods Act.


Page 2 will probably help more, but have a read through the whole thing so you know what you're doing/talking about against the retailer. Oh, and make sure you've got the original receipt or your out of luck.

Andris L

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As per the above start writing a letter to a retailer you bought your console from and ask them to replace it under SOGA.

Oh, and make sure you've got the original receipt or your out of luck.

Not true, bank or CC statement also would be sufficient ;).

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