I've hurt my ribs - laughing !


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Have an old rib injury 'round the back' where the rib joins the spine. I was laughing so hard at the weekend that its flared up again...

7 of us in Spain to play the innaugural 'El Bandito' cup (golf), at Las Ramblas. Near the start of the second round (on the third tee, appropriately), my mate Trev has teed up his ball and settled for his drive, went for a pressure-relieving fart before swinging... and followed through :D :eek:

His face turned from cheeky pleasure to sheer horror in an instant. He gingerly edged off the tee and rummaged in his bag - could only find an old pair of white socks :rolleyes: Trousers down and wipe. By now I was crying and could hardly operate the camera - oh yes, theres photographic evidence.... :D He then proceeded to try and throw the soiled sock over the hedge... only for it to get stuck half-way up there, just out of reach :eek: By now I'm all but rolling on the floor, as are the other two guys.

To compound his abject misery, as we eventually left the tee we walked past a small toilet block - about the only one on the course... If only we'd known...

Of course, we now have a new trophy - the Turd Hole Challenge. He has a new nickname - Winnie. And I'm off up the physio this afternoon... but it was worth it ;)


I went on a works outing to a day at the races and in town at night, on the way back about 11 PM we asked the driver for toilets and he said he stop just up the road. One of the lads had to always be first and immediately went to the coach door, soon as the coach stopped he was off, when we got of he was no where to be seen.

The bus had stopped at a lane and there was a wall about 2 foot high with a drop over the other side.

So we all lined up and shoot over the wall, then we hears from over the other side of the wall beneath us "you rotten sods." The lad had gone over the wall and we had given him a good christening. :D
When we turned round to get back on the bus we saw there was a public convinces at the other side of the lane. :rolleyes:

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