I've got a couple of questions about the i-river H320

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Hi, i have an H320 but after scouring the net and manual still have a few questions, i hope some of you guys can help me out.

1) when loading mp3's to the player and updating the database it lists a number of file failures (about 75 out of 550) is there any way to get information on which files have failed?

2) A few of my albums won't show up under the Artist/Album/Genre headings but do show up in the file tree and will play fine from there. I've deleted and re-installed them and updated the database but it still won't show them, any idea why?

3) How realistic is 16 hours for the battery? at the minute i'm getting 9 but i'm playing at about 240kbps (the manual recommends 128) and the most recent firmware 1.27 claims to fix a battery consumption problem in 1.25. Would these knock 7 hours off the battery life?

Any information would be a big help, thanks.


Well I've got an iHP-120.

1) Well I get loads of failures on updateing the DB as well and don't know why. I had a thought that perhaps it was the folders that it ignores, rather than actual MP3's - but I may be wrong.

2) Perhaps it is due to no. 1 above! I always play back from the tree view, so don't even know if I have this problem - but guess I do.

3) 16 hours is the maximum playback time from 128kbps with the player started and no stopping, skipping tracks etc and just being left to play non stop. The higher the bit rate the more the battery is drained. I use 196 VBR and have my iHP-120 going for around 11 hours with stops, skips etc and the battery is not flat after that amount of time. I would therefore think only 9 hours is a bit short.



It will take a fair few cycles of the battery to get it to full power anyway, and U must remember that 16 hours is done under strict conditions. If U get 12 or more U are doing well.

As for the files missing in the DB they probably don't have ID tags in the MP3 files.

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ok, well i've re-ripped some stuff at 128kbps and downloaded 1.27, so far i'm on about 8 hours and still showing half a battery so that seems a lot better.

I checked the missing files and they are tagged alright, i'm wondering if there's a limit to the length of album title it will read as one persistent offender has a fairly long one.


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I have a H-120 which i believe uses the same DB style, and the full file path cannot be longer than 52 characters (inc E:\My Music\... etc). First of all, if you organise your music into folders, and have a folder like "my music" in the root, rename it to "1" or something really short and see how many failures you get, failing that rename some of the longer artists to shorter, and delete all [ECD] [UK] etc labels at the end of the album names.

If you download MoodLogic, it updates the DB for you (and also adds WMA files - which H manager does not), and although i found it to be very buggy, it does give a list of file paths that are too long in a txt doc called DB Fail in the root.

I eventually turned to Irivium Manager, which cost £13 but is definately worth it, but does not completely solve the file path length problem.

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