I've got a 37" Panny Viera & a 32" Tosh WLT58 - What next?


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I'm currently undergoing a chimney breast refurb/LCD/HTPC install in my recently purchased Bungalow.

I'm considering investing in a new 37" LCD for the above mentioned install.

I'm looking for an all singing, all dancing MOFO LCD that will suit my current requirements.

I've considered the Toshiba 37X3030DB but there's no 24fps and I'm after 1:1 pixel mapping (or close as poss) for my HTPC build in the new year.

Whats out there in consumer land at the moment or on the near horizon (I can wait till the New Year if required)

Amaze me!


Are you interested in 40"?New sony bravia's Full HD on their way!!!(near a month)


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Hiya Chrisgeo...
I have a 93cm Width limitation on the screen size.

It going in here... http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=608570



I believe you are not going to light the fire on the fireplace......If you would like the tv FORGET THE FIREPLACE!!!Anyway the 40" doesnt fit,so the 37X3030


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I've been satisfied with my WLT58 for the last 18 months.

So, whats next... the 37" Toshiba Z Series. 1080p & 24FPS and advanced PC/hard-disk connection

See here... http://babelfish.altavista.com/babe.../specials/ifa-preview-2007-teil7.html#Toshiba

According to other AVForum members this is due to start shipping @ the front end of October 2007 for about £1100 for a 37"

Re: Toshiba X & Z Series TV's


Originally Posted by vodkawhitenoise
Theres a lot of talk in the first link for the Z Series, about video recording to USB and LAN Hard drives. Theres even a diagram of the TV hooked up to the HDDs

Anyone worked out what they're getting at?

Surely they're not saying the built-in freeview had PVR capabilities if you hook up a HDD?...

I'm no techie, and unless I'm missing something, I think that's exactly what they're saying.

"The Z3500 series includes a dedicated Linux PC inside that serves up and shares content; viewers can either stream media from any Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) devices or Toshiba's in-house VARDIA recorders thanks to three Ethernet jacks. Two USB ports support external hard drives for DVR recording."


Yep the Z3030 is an excellent choice for you and at very good price too!!!


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Sorry Chris, how do you know it's an excellent choice when nobody has even seen one, or knows what the PQ is like?


I just believe this,because the current X3030 is very good,so the new will be much better!!!!

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