Question I've got a £200 gift voucher to spend at Very, need some help on a hifi system


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So I just got a gift voucher for £200 from work (yay me :clap: ), to spend at Very, and I'd like to buy a hifi system from there.

I'm thinking of either the Panasonic SC-AKX400EB:
Panasonic SC-AKX400EB 600 Watt Mini System HiFi with Smart Networking | very.co.uk

or Sony MHC-ECL77BT
Sony MHC-ECL77BT Hi-Fi System with NFC and Bluetooth - Black | very.co.uk

I know that more watts =/= better, so I need some help deciding. Alternatively, if there's a better system on there that you guys think is better please let me know.

The main reason I am thinking about the Panasonic is that it has 2GB built in storage, which means that I can play my mp3s straight from there.

Main use for the hifi will be mp3s from usb (or internal storage if I get the Panny).

I don't know anything about audio (except that separates are better). To put this into perspective, the only audio system I've used in the last 10 years or so (and still currently using) is the Logitech Z-5400, and it still sounds brilliant to me. I'd like a hifi system that sounds as good as that, with as much bass as the Z-5400 if possible.

Thank you :thumbsup:.


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