I've bought the Quad 11L's - but should I have got the 12l's


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hi there, I have just bought the Quad 11L's but am starting to wonder whether the Quad 12L's represent better value for money. Has anyone out there heard both and thinks that the 12L's are the best bet - even though they are a £100 or so more?

I still have another week or so before its too late....

My system

DVD 88+, A75+, Velodyne CHT-10




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I bought 11L's last year and I replaced them with 12L's last month.

I picked up the 12's for £449 only £70 more than I paid for the 11's.

The 12's sound very similar but have more weight overall and better bass as you would expect from a slighty larger speaker.

I reckon the 12L's are better value overall. Go back and swap your 11's.

For info I'm using the Quad's with a Musical Fidelity XA2 amp and XRAY CD player.


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Do you use your CHT10 with the Quads ? if so should the extra bass of the 12's matter ? especially if set to small @ 80hz (guess)


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hi there, thanks for the advice. I do use the sub with the Quads though I don't set it to have a lot of volume as I live in an appartment.

I must admit I prefer the bass from the Quads for music as it is intergrated more into the music - if you know what I mean.

I'll probably see about swaping it for the Quads - problem is the Quad L12's are 499 from the shop where I got it from :(


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