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I've been shopping - Rotel RA-01, RB-03, Arcam CD73, B&W 602S3

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by fastkam, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. fastkam


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    Hi there,

    I'd like to thank forum members for helping me decide what hi-fi separates to buy. This is first time I got some proper hi-fi kit. In the end, I got the following:

    I bought a Rotel RA-01 (£175 inc P&P 2nd hand on ebay) which is excellent in terms of price and performance and highly recommended by many forum members and used for demo purposes in superfi and sevenoaks. Before buying the items mentioned below, I had tried this amp with Mission M34 and Celestion F30 and it was very good.

    I got frustrated with sevenoaks because they did not have much else in stock to buy same day or for demo purposes. Superfi had everything in stock and ready for demo on Sunday. I bought the following from them:

    Rotel RB-03 Power Amplifier at £200.00 - recommended by hi-fi retailer to get the most out of the speakers and he was right.

    Arcam CD73 at £300.00 - recommended by almost everyone and I am very happy with it. Although still a top CD player, I am selling my NAD C542 in favour of this one because the Arcam was £30.00 more but better value because it could be upgraded. Richer Sounds will not give me refund, it is only 2 days old with receipt and I will sell now for £250.00 or give it to my brother.

    B&W 602S3 at £260.00 with pair of Atacama stands at £60.00 - Rave reviews and recommended all round.

    I am using QED Silver Anniversary Bi-Wire cable for the speakers with QED AIRLOC 4MM BANANA PLUGS. QED Quintex 3 Interconnect with Arcam CD73 and Rotel RA-01. QED Quintex 1 Interconnect with Rotel RB-03 and RA-01.

    The hi-fi retailer I bought from was good. I am fairly new to this sort of kit but have bought from richer sounds, visited sevenoaks but Superfi (Manchester store) was best all round in terms of products they had to offer and customer service. Anyway, that's my experience, I don't speak for anyone else.

    I will post more comments after a week which will give the speakers good time to run in. If anyone has any recommendations as to changes I could make to get the most out of system, let me know as I can still exchange for other kit if it means I will get better performance from my hi-fi

    Many thanks,


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