I've been getting phone calls from 'HMRC'


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I get them all the time and enjoy messing them around. The longer they are on the phone to me, the less time they will have scamming someone else. My record is about 40 minutes +

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My mum fell for the 'this is Windows, there is a problem with your computer and we need to connect to it to fix the problem' scam a few years ago despite me telling her never to believe what she is told over the phone and if she ever has any issues with the computer to call me.

Got a phone call from her about 30 minutes after she first got the phone call and she told me that were connected to the PC and doing stuff and that she had paid them £150 via credit card at which point I told her to pull the router from the wall and immediately contact her credit card company to get the payment blocked and the card suspended.

We all like to think people will never fall for these scams but some people are just too trusting and believe whatever they are told.


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I mainly receive those investment opportunity ones. Very UK sounding and absolutely persistent that I spoke to them and gave them permission. Yes, everytime it’s a different company, but the same script.

I just tell them to get a proper job where they don’t scam people. Hang up and block the number. Not that it does much. It’s a shame having this constant noise.


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Had this on messenger a few days ago 🙂



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Well @Wing80surfer aka Sir Dusty Robert Hackinsword Donald Alfred Ensworth the third, I do hope you did get further bitcoin. I've definitely had some very healthy gains on the swingtrade yet again...

I've been trading throughout my holiday period. Listen to Gloria :)


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Hahaha. I'll pass thanks bud, I'm the type of person who would end up losing everything. Good on you though :)

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