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    Hello. Last night I'd thought I'd play a video which I haven't done in ages due to the fact it would'nt work via the iScan pro scaler, even though the video tuner would. I watched the music video via composite straight into a philips hopper sv10 lcd projector. I then thought I'd try the analogue tuner on the ferguson vdeo star FV68 (old machine). Well blow me the picture quality was far superior compared to the Nokia on digital box. Admitedly channel 5 was rouigh but the other channels were so smooth and natural. I finished up watching 'Later with Jools Holland' all the way through. Gone was that horrible graininess which seemed to lie over most proceedings. How can this be are we going backwards and using **** equipment whilst paying through the nose.

    So now I'm in a dilema. What to go for? Analogue for quality or digital/satallite for greater range of stations What to do is there a compromise?. My old ferguson surely can be improved upon.

    L Jenkins

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