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    Is anyone aware of the status with ITV being broadcast via Sky Digital ?

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    We have been told this summer, but as yet no date fixed,

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    I had this from my contact in mid-March.

    The long awaited announcement that ITV will come to UK satellite has
    finally happened - see below.

    Before all you the ex-patriots get too excited, please note the following:

    1. No actual date has been set - it may be that ITV have to create a new technical infrastructure before they can go live

    2. ITV appear to be going alone, i.e. not with in tandem with Sky Television. This means:
    - we can't be sure the same Sky digibox will be used (although it is *highly* likely!)
    - There may be an additional need to register with ITV to receive these
    channels and/or an additional viewing card.

    3.ITV have bought transponder services on Astra 2D. This satellite has limited coverage outside of UK (see ). This is the
    same satellite now being used (since 01.02.01) for channels such as
    Hallmark and Tara (and therefore the reason many none-UK viewers have lost these - see for a complete list), and also the satellite proposed for the so-far unfounded rumours
    for future BBC transmissions.

    Press Announcement from 14.03.01:

    Three ASTRA 2D transponders at 28.2° East to provide 16 regional ITV services in digital.
    Société Européenne des Satellites (SES) is delighted to announce it has
    reached a 10 year capacity agreement with the UK's ITV Network Ltd. for
    three transponders on ASTRA 2D at 28.2° East to digitally broadcast the
    ITV services to the UK.

    ITV is planning to broadcast 16 regional services on satellite, comprising
    the 14 ITV regions and separate services for HTV Wales and HTV West, and
    Border Scotland and Border England. The services are expected to begin
    transmitting via ASTRA before the end of the year. The agreement also
    includes options for ITV to secure additional ASTRA capacity in the future
    if needed for other ITV services.

    Commenting on the agreement, Yves Elsen, Commercial and Marketing Director
    of SES, stated: "This is exciting news for the 4.7 million ASTRA digital
    satellite homes in the UK. Given ITV's emphasis on regional programming,
    this decision to launch on ASTRA highlights the important role satellite
    can play in delivering local as well as pan-European services. We believe
    that ITV's programming pedigree will further accelerate the demand for
    digital satellite services in Britain."

    Kate Stross, ITV Finance and Development Director, said: "We are delighted
    to have concluded this agreement with SES. This is an important first step
    towards ITV broadcasting on satellite."

    The SES Satellite Monitor, conducted by Continental Research at the end of
    2000, recorded an amazing increase of 2.5 million new digital satellite
    homes in the UK during the year. This strong growth means that nearly one
    in five UK households - 19% - now receives digital satellite services from

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