ITV to re-air all Euro 96 games (11th - 29th May)


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Didn't see a thread for this, but ITV are going to be showing the entire Euro 96 tournament again!

Monday 11th May

England v Switzerland - ITV Hub & ITV4

Spain v Bulgaria - ITV Hub

Tuesday 12th May

Germany v Czech Republic - ITV Hub

Denmark v Portugal - ITV Hub

Wednesday 13th May

Scotland v Netherlands - ITV Hub

France v Romania - ITV Hub

Thursday 14th May

Italy v Russia - ITV Hub

Croatia v Turkey - ITV Hub

Friday 15th May

Bulgaria v Romania - ITV Hub

Switzerland v Netherlands - ITV Hub

Saturday 16th May

Portugal v Turkey - ITV Hub

Czech Republic v Italy - ITV Hub

Sunday 17th May

Scotland v England - ITV4 & ITV Hub

France v Spain - ITV Hub

Monday 18th May

Russia v Germany - ITV Hub

Croatia v Denmark - ITV Hub

Tuesday 19th May

France v Bulgaria - ITV Hub

Romania v Spain - ITV Hub

Wednesday 20th May

Scotland v Switzerland - ITV Hub

Netherlands v England - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Thursday 21st May

Croatia v Portugal - ITV Hub

Turkey v Denmark - ITV Hub

Friday 22nd May

Russia v Czech Republic - ITV Hub

Italy v Germany - ITV Hub

Saturday 23rd May

Quarter-Final 1 - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Sunday 24th May

Quarter-Final 2 - ITV Hub

Monday 25th May

Quarter-Final 3 - ITV Hub

Tuesday 26th May

Quarter-Final 4 - ITV Hub

Wednesday 27th May

Semi-Final 1 - ITV Hub

Thursday 28th May

Semi-Final 2 - ITV4 & ITV Hub

Friday 29th May

Final - ITV4 & ITV Hub


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Watched the Czechs vs Italy yesterday. Great match with a young Nedved and Poborsky turning Maldini inside out and putting him on his arse numerous times. :laugh:

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