ITV`s The Cabin: My thoughts on some of the couples


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Jan 27, 2021
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I have to give credit where credit is due, Abraham is one of the most sensible men on here, out of respect he didn`t want to share a bed (I know the other guys did also), he also said he didn`t want to rush things and wanted to do things “the right way”. Men like him are not put on a pedestal or valued so I will give him high praises for the approach he was trying to take. He looks like a cool guy, if me and him were the same age and we went to school together I’d think we would be good friends.


In her intro she said is that she could never get to the boy/girlfriend stage, one thing I like that she recognises her short comings like saying she can act weird sometimes (and it’s not a bad weird it`s a cute weird) I like women who can do this because most of them can`t or won`t do so. The first thing I noticed on her is her hair, she is so cute it`s ridicules even her mannerisms and to me she looks better and younger without make-up. It’s like if I gave her a hug she would break apart, someone I would want to protect.

Their time together

On the first day they got on so much that they talked until 1:00 in the morning. Abraham suggested for Sofia to take the upstairs bed while she slept downstairs and she felt bad after that she made up foldable bed for him which shows she cares.

Sofia mentioned about her dad and his situation and Abraham started to tear up which shows what kind of a person he is, Sofia really like him so much so that she wanted to make a move on him.

At the start, as much as I wanted to see it as she would be the issue but I couldn’t, he was doing things that killed the mood, him mentioning his ex saying “she was a parasite” on his brain that he could not stop think about her, telling her he`s a gassy guy and he was at one point talking about when he gets a girlfriend completely forgetting where he is and who he`s with I mean come on man. It`s a damn shame, I really wanted them to leave as a couple but it was not the case.


Terelle seems to be a laid-back quiet person, to me it looks like you have to start a conversation with him before me becomes more talkative. Judging by what I’ve seen he looks like he is a good listener and he observes his surrounding before he makes a move or a decision which is a smart way to think. He is also someone I would be friends with, the logical one, the person that will give constructive advice and do I dare say he has wisdom?


Like I said about Sofia the first thing I notice about Amani is her big hair, this woman is amazing, she ticks all the boxes in what I find attractive in a woman visually. She`s voluptuous, has a beautiful smile, has her own hair (which shows effort due to how big it is which speaks volume to me), she has a beautiful smile and I love the sound of her voice.

Their time together

Despite what I said about Amani, what she did at the beginning was out of order, Terelle didn’t even put his coat down yet and she says to a guy she just met “You are gonna have to take my suitcase upstairs” pointing then laughing at the end to not make it look bad, when he ask how long she has been in the cabin she replies “I feel like I’ve been waiting for two years” in a jokey way and saying there is one bed and when he offered to sleep downstairs she said that it`s nice of him to say and that she didn`t have to ask but I like when he said “I’m not doing that”. In my eyes that`s a bad start on her part for someone you’re trying to get with.

Terelle wanted to sleep in the same bed with Amani but she felt unconfutable to be sleeping in the same bed with someone on the first date which I’m on her side for on that point it`s way to early to be sleeping together. I will give her credit, when Terelle said he can`t sleep on the folded bed because of how tall he is, she offered to sleep downstairs (which was a surprise) and asked him if he needed any help to make it up which shows she cares.

At one point she asked if he is giving her the silent treatment which he said no but he did mention that she went to bed without saying goodnight (he was not upset) after realising that she apologised.

There was a part where he was cooking his own dinner, people would say “how could he not cook food for her” but if I remember correctly, she said that she would cook if they stayed another day which she either didn`t or forgot so instead of him prodding her he just did his own. Also, most people mist it but when she when to make her own dinner he had a smirk on his face which made me laugh. The part that was interesting was when they were eating and she asked him if he had to cook for five people, who would he cook for? Which he replied he would cook for homeless people which say what kind of person he is.

But it did start to pick up when they were playing bowling, Terelle came out of his shell and they had I nice time. The part that got me was when after they finished, she was texting and even after she lost, she took one look at him and smiled.

When they were going to go to bed Amani mentioned that she doesn`t know how he feels about her, he mentioned that she would be a good friend to him but she says that she was attracted to him.

When the time came it was obvious that they were going to leave being single. The reason I think this happened is because of her bad first impressions on her part, if she started it of right, I think Terelle would have liked her, he must have caught that and kept his distance. Despite the nit-picking on Amani, I don`t think she`s a bad person she just needs to be aware of what she says to people and both of them need to communicate more.



He looks like a guy that if you went out for fun, he will provide it in spades, it`s cool that he`s a gamer as well. At first it he was joking around at first on the first night but he did start to take a little bit seriously however it looked like he was more interested in getting a kiss (and more).


I like that she has her natural hair out and she has a nice singing voice but I do think she had too much make-up on, she looks better without it. When she said “I want to feel like the queen I am” that put me off because when certain types of women says that, it normal comes with a bad attitude but from watching her more she seems like a decent person.

Their time together

Adebayo and Nina were both the typical stereotypical British black people and the funniest couples on the show and they got on really well, I didn`t expect them to leave the cabin as a couple but surprisingly they did and I’m glad that they are together.

My final throughs

In this day and age people don`t take being in a relationship seriously, it`s something you have to maintain through the good, bad, happy and sad times.

Rushing into things in my opinion is not the way to go about when being in a relationship, you have to sat it in stages so the couple will have something to look forward to.

From what I see and hear it seems that black people don`t know how to communicate with each other which is why some date outside of their race, I don`t see a simple thing as a black couple holding hands and it`s a shame because I would like to see more of that. I here black women saying that they can`t find a good black man but this show proves that there are good, decent black men out there like Abraham and Terelle. And to support my fellow black men here are their Instagram accounts.


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And to black women I feel like I speak for black men when I say you look beautiful with your natural hair, you don`t need to waste your time putting on wigs and weaves in fact we like you even more when you do go natural, maintaining it to where it`s long and beautiful and it shows you really care about yourself and your hair like Amani.

We hear the term the black community but we are not one because we don`t stick together, we need to start acting like a community and support one another, speak better to each other, start with fixing yourself if everyone did a simple thing as this, things would go better.

I don`t like how the narrator of the show was talking about “bucking the trend” because Abraham and Sofia were the only one not sleeping together on the first day like people should be doing so, again he took the right approach and the right one so that woman need to be quiet. But other than that, this show was a real eye opener, not only it was entertaining but it was very informative, anyone that watched it should take it as a learning experience. I hope they will do a season 2 of this show.

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