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Just wondering how this works.

I have my aerial pointed at Craigkelly in Fife and it just happens that Durris Hill in Angus is on almost the same bearing, with the result that my STB detects the additional multiplexes.

I have one of those Dual 801 PVRs from ASDA and interestingly, although it detects several multiplexes, it only actually adds one channel which is STV (Scottish equivalent of ITV1). I also get STV from Craigkelly which is the "original" STV whose regional news is called "Scotland Today" and is Glasgow/Edinburgh based. The version of STV from Durris is what used to be Grampian TV and their regional news programme is "North Tonight" covering Aberdeen and Dundee.

My question is basically " How does the box know that STV from Craigkelly and STV from Durris Hill are different and that everything else is just duplicates?". I assume that each different digital channel must carry a unique ID code and that whilst STV from both transmitters has a different code, BBC 1 Scotland for example has the same code.

Anyone know the definitive answer ?

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