ITV HD sound out of sync


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I was at my parents last night and they mentioned that sound was out of sync on just the ITV HD channel but fine on the normal ITV SD channel. I had a look and yes, there's quite a delay.
There's no amplifier in place, just the Virgin box connected to the Samsung LCD TV via HDMI.

I assume this is a common problem with everybody?


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I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but last week I watched 2 films on e4 HD i think it was. Both films suffered from instances where people talking sounded like they were in a tunnel. Has anyone else noticed this?


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while at times I have noticed some sync issues on various Channels I checked
this afternoon and there is no problem on ITV HD so perhaps its a regional problem { I am in area 15 London }


last time I spotted it was Big Brother's Bit on the Side but it was not every night but on occasions it was well out.


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I have had this on a number of channels, but have found by changing the channel then chaning back again it sorts it.

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