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ITV HD Freesat 119 Bad reception

Paula 14May

Standard Member
I have had really bad quality picture on freesat 119: Excellent signal quality and strength. both 10/10 but showing a continuous bit error rate. Other freesat channels unaffected. The channel is unwatchable. I live in BN20 8TL, about two miles north of Eastbourne town centre.
If anyone has any ideas about this, I am all ears.
My guests and I wanted to watch Downton Abbey over Christmas although I hardly ever watch much of ITV1.
Accordingly I hired a TV aerial installer and had Freeview installed.
He had no idea why the problem was there.
I have noticed that when I record from the other two LNB inputs that I am using (one for TV, two for the two inputs on the Panasonic XS350, and one spare) that the signal is OK except for regular intervals of about five to six minutes when it breaks up only on channel 119.
I have had no problems recording and/or watching on any other channel.
Now I have realised that my recorder has only satellite inputs and so I can watch Freeview but cannot record it. Hence I cannot record ITV1 HD, either on 119 or on 103 Freeview.
And has luck would have it, I want to record an upcoming ITV program.
What are my options? I am about ready to change my recorder and blu ray player anyway.
And I thank anyone who can help in advance.
BTW, I am no longer interested in archiving, just keeping good HDTV recordings for the medium term.


Panasonic do twin HD Freeview Tuner HDD recorders, either as just that... or with an integrated Bluray Player.... or an integrated Bluray recorder.

I presume you would be interested in the middle option.

There are two model option of this configuration:
DMR-PWT550. Details here
... or the DMR-PWT655. Details here.

Paula 14May

Standard Member
Thank you Gavtech. Sorry about the delay....silly season.
I opted for a new PWT-655 which is sufficient to replace the copy method with its big drive for holding HD Films etc., and will allow me to watch and record ITV HD on Freeview.
As for the bad signal on satellite I swapped an LNB around and now it goes tits up every 6 minutes or so instead of all the time but only on ITV1. Quite a mystery.


In memoriam
Thank you Gavtech. Sorry about the delay....silly season.
I opted for a new PWT-655 which is sufficient to replace the copy method with its big drive for holding HD Films etc., and will allow me to watch and record ITV HD on Freeview.
As for the bad signal on satellite I swapped an LNB around and now it goes tits up every 6 minutes or so instead of all the time but only on ITV1. Quite a mystery.

No mystery, it's an issue with older Panasonic Freesat tuners, not working correctly with a parameter change (Forward Error Correction changed to 3/4).



Paula 14May

Standard Member
Maybe, but does that include the Freesat tuner inside my 55" Panasonic TV?


In memoriam
Maybe, but does that include the Freesat tuner inside my 55" Panasonic TV?

Judging by your symptoms it seems likely. My AS800 Panasonic TV isn't affected. Having said that the new fec will show up any problems with your dish, lnb or cabling.

How old is the TV ?

You could try changing your postcode to a Scottish one (STV-HD retains the previous fec).

Paula 14May

Standard Member
Is there a solution? Not that it matters anymore, and the man installing the freeview aerial had not a clue what was causing it, and he installs dishes all over the south east.

Paula 14May

Standard Member
Only read half your message, just read your other solution possibilities. Will give it a go.


In memoriam
Only read half your message, just read your other solution possibilities. Will give it a go.

Not a solution just a test. You could try a reset to factory defaults. The internet is full of reports about this. There's a long thread on Digital Spy. If your TV has the capability to add non freesat channels you may be able to add STV HD.


Novice Member

- You need to claim damages from your retailer in court..

On Monday 19th June 2017, I was at Preston County Court with "BUY IT DIRECT LTD" "DirectTVs" over this very same issue and won my case and was paid compensation for purchasing a "TV unfit for purpose".

If you have a Panasonic (or SONY) FreeSat receiver that cannot decode properly ITV HD then you also have a claim that the equipment was "unfit for the purpose" you purchased it for.

Panasonic's continued denial and blame of ITV and FreeSat is false and misleading. Even on their own website, they claim that your equipment is too old and you should watch the Standard Definition channel instead. I have requested Trading Standards to look into this false claim on their website to have it removed or amended to advise the actual truth.

Due to the age of this equipment you are running out of time, if not already, as to take to court your claim has to be made within 6 years of purchase. If you have contacted your retailer or Panasonic when the issue occurred, you may be able to ask the court to take the date you made contact as the "in contract" date for your claim as at the time, you were unaware that the actual fault was with Panasonic and you did make contact in regards to the issue.

My claim was back dated to the date I contact the retailer regarding my TV and not the 6 years after purchase. As long as you can prove you made contact then you should still be able to claim.

The Real Issue:

Any HD Satellite equipment unable to decode ITV HD correctly and claiming that it complies to the DVB-S2 Standard is inherently faulty in that the equipment failed to meet the Standard as claimed and this is your grounds for the claim.

DVB-S2 was published back in 2005 and accepted Globally as the TV Standard for HD generation of Satellite reception. Panasonic are wrongly claiming that as "no broadcaster was using the parameters of ITV HD at the time of purchase, then they cannot be held responsible". This is absolute rubbish as Panasonic in order to claim the DVB-S2 compliance had to confirm that any equipment met the standards meaning whatever parameters a broadcaster use then the equipment should work.

The fact that ITV HD using 8PSK and FEC3/4 is within scope of the Standards and therefore the equipment does not comply and did not do so at the time you purchased it. As you (the customer) had no way to test at the time, only when ITV switched transmission format did it become apparent that there was a flaw.

What you need to to start a claim:

Do not write to your retailer if you are getting close to the 6 years since purchase, start your court claim on moneyclaim.gov.uk immediately and if you are beyond 6 years contact Consumer Direct on 0345 4040506 and take advice, especially if you have proof that you either informed your retailer or contacted Panasonic within 6 year of purchase as Panasonic have not been honest about this issue and led you a lie to put you off claiming.

1) Obtain of find your original purchase receipt - or copy of the 5 yr guarantee if it had one, Credit Card statement or Bank statement to prove purchase date if original receipt lost.

2) Find a copy of your equipment's manual paper on or Panasonic's website and check the Specifications. You should see DVB-S2 and a list of formats (8PSK and FEC3/4) will be in this list. You will need this later for court.

3) Start your moneyclaim claim on the courts website - TV cost £649, I claimed £200, was paid £125 compensation plus costs as a guide.

Evidence for court:

Based on my claim I took the following evidence with me

1) A copy of the TV manual clearly stating the DVB-S2 Standard

2) A copy of the DVB-S2 Standard itself - 50 pages
-- ETSI Standards - DVB-S2

3) A screenshot or copy of the article on JoinFreeSat
-- Panasonic ITV HD break-up issues on Panasonic TVs and PVRs | Join Freesat

Having a copy of this article was crucial and having this 100% convinced the judge of my case and saved me a lot of explaining as it was straight and to the point.

4) If you have other HD Satellite equipment - Take copies of the Specification of these also.

5) Take a photo (or video) of the equipment tuned into ITV HD with the channel info page showing from TV menu to show frequency and channel settings.

6) If you have other HD Satellite equipment, take a photo again on ITV HD to show it working.

7) Contact ITV Customer services and ask them to confirm in writing that they are complying with OFCOM ruling and transmitting to the DVB-S2 Standard as licensed.
-- [email protected]

8) Any previous correspondence with your retailer or Panasonic that responds to the issue when it was highlighted. It is not necessary if not available.

9) A copy or screenshot of Panasonic's' misleading response from their website FAQ
-- Why am I experiencing picture issues on ITV HD channels? - Panasonic Corporation

When you get to court:

My hearing lasted 15 minutes, I explained to the judge that all broadcasters in the UK have a legal duty to comply in transmission to the ETSI DVB-S2 Standards (produce the copy of the Standard) and that ITV HD is being transmitted to this DVB-S2 Standard (produce ITV response letter or email) and that the equipment claims to be in compliance to DVB-S2 Standard (produce copy of the manual) but it is clearly not in compliance as the equipment cannot decode the ITV HD channel.

To round up, then produce the article on "Join Free Sat" which clearly states:

Legally, and in ITV’s defense, the Panasonic equipment affected should conform to the DVB-S/S2 specification and whilst 8PSK modulation was not in use when the sets were designed, they should be able to handle and receive this mode of transmission meaning this issue has been inherent since original manufacture. Our reader who’s escalated this high up within Panasonic reports after a conversation yesterday that they don’t plan on doing anything to resolve the issue although legally and under the Sale of Goods Act it does give grounds for claim as such under consumer law a product with an inherent issue “within a reasonable timeframe” should be dealt with by the manufacturer.

You will be asked why you have left it so long to claim, you should tell the court it only became apparent there was an issue with the equipment after December 2015 when ITV HD changed transmission and since then Panasonic have claimed that your equipment is too old to receive the "current Standard". You have since learned this was a false claim as the TV should be capable of receiving (as claimed) all DVB-S2 formats as transmitted today as 8PSK, FEC3/4 is clearly documented within the Standards.

You must also insist that this fault was within the equipment since the day it was purchased (unfit for purpose) and this did not happen due to a fault at a later date as this will affect your compensation value.

Why you should claim:

It is a disgrace that Panasonic have treated it's customers with arrogance and contempt on this issue in refusing to admit the issue lies with them and instead continue to blame ITV for choosing parameters that their equipment seems not to be built to decode.

Instead of being honest, they are stalling on the issue knowing the longer time they can "buy", the less likely claims will be made due to legal time limits of 6 years.

They know full well the issue is they produced equipment not complying to the Standards they claim and are refusing to remedy the situation. The fault appears to be hardware meaning it is likely the equipment can never be fixed and Panasonic want to avoid the cost of replacing TV to make good this situation.

I will NEVER purchase another Panasonic product again due to the arrogance on the phone when I first contacted them about this issue. They have a duty to hold their hands up and put this right.

They put the DVB and FREESAT HD Logo's on your equipment and in doing were making false claims as to the condition of the equipment and for over a year had blamed ITV while treating customers with contempt and hence they deserve Justice.

BBC Watchdog

I have made the BBC Watchdog Programme aware of this issue, please report yours via the website in order to generate interest and publicity on this issue.

Watchdog - Send your story to Watchdog - BBC One

PM me if you require further details or evidence, I have a a copy of an ITV email I am happy for you to use. It may also be useful for your case to refer to mine, contact me for details of the hearing for reference.

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