ITV-HD (10510) messes up 2 Recordings!


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I added ITV-HD to my SKy Box..

I was watching a recorded programme tonight, plus also had TWO recordings about to start at 9.00pm...

Then up pops a message..along the lines of..

"To continue watching 10510 (ITV-HD)
Cancel one of the following 2 recordings.."

Interesting, as i was watching a recorded programme, PLUS i hadnt even watched ITV-HD, at all!

So wonder if anyone else has seen this weird problem?

ITs happened twice to me!


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Interesting the box tags 10510 as ITVHD:)

How about when you manuall tuned ITVHD in it somehow looked a tuner and when the box required both for dual recordings one of them was already spoken for hence the onscreen prompt.

Why this would be the case is a different matter:)


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This is not the fault of itv HD. More likely the Mini TV bug. It would seem that the box fails to notice you have stopped watching a particular channel (itv HD from your "Other Channels" in this case, but it could just as easily be anything off the EPG as well) when you start to view something from the planner. Despite the fact that you are now watching a recording, the box "thinks" you are still viewing live TV, hence the onscreen message.

The best work around for this is to disable the mini TV function. Despite the fact you will still be able to hear live TV sound when you access the EPG (assuming at least one tuner is available when you enter the EPG of course); disabling this function does seem to solve the problem and the box will use both the tuners to do your dual recording correctly.

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