ITV Freeview from Wrekin transmitter - when?


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I recently brought my parents a new LCD TV with built in Freeview. They receive signal from the Wrekin transmitter, but on tuning am only getting 5 or so BBC digital channels. (I'm getting all 5 channels on analogue). Can anyone tell me when they intend transmitting ITV channels from this transmitter. Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help.


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It will be caused by poor aerial signals. The BBC freeview transmissions are stronger than all the other commercial stations.

Perhaps a TV booster (the single outlet type for biggest gain) may help but a new aerial may be required.

Put their postcode into the wolfbane website to check :

TV amplifiers :

You can also find out if there are any obstructions between their home and The Wrekin transmitter by entering their National Grid Reference number in this website. Use the Find NGR link from this site by use of postcode and then click on show terrain and use the megalithia link:


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Many thanks for the replies, seems i'll have to get an aerial engineer in to have a look.


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I have no idea what local conditions/terrain/obstacles you may have as far as reception is concerned, but I noticed that although you live in Sutton Coldfield you're using the Wrekin transmitter.

Compare the coverage of the Sutton Coldfield transmitter

to that of Wrekin (where you are shown as being at the edge of the signal)

What did the wolfbane site predict for your postcode?


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Thanks for your message. Yes, I do live in Sutton Coldfield (less than a mile from the transmitter), however my parents (who I brought the TV for) live in Wednesbury (on the wrong side of the hill for Sutton!) and therefore have to take their TV signal from the Wrekin, even though Sutton is closer.

Following the links earlier on this page have certainly helped clarify things, and I've now discovered that whilst I can get the majority of the channels on frequencies 39, 42 and 45 (not necessarily good quality though); I can't get those which are on frequency 49 (which are the main ITV channels).

Seems therefore that a new wide-band extra high gain aerial is required.

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