ITV fined record £5.7m for phone line cons

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Notwithstanding the fact that I have never entered a phone-in competition or voting system, I am astounded that the people in charge of the programmes haven't been investigated by the serious fraud office.

An individual who purposefully and deliberately deceived people for financial gain or competitive advantage, even for small amounts up to £10,000's, could face imprisonment as well as fines.

The fact that individuals may have coughed up say £1 per call ("small" amount on an individual basis) is irrelevant IMO. I don't see why corporations should be treated any differently with respect to fraud. I'd find a way to prosecute as well as impose punitive fines.


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What I am amazed at is didn't they make £9m from the calls? They have only been fined £5.5m, so they are 3.5m up!!!


In the news today:

BBC admits keeping charity money

The BBC is to broadcast an apology after admitting a subsidiary company kept £106,000 from premium-rate phone- ins that should have gone to charity.

Ant and Dec return comedy prize

TV presenters Ant and Dec are to return a prize they were awarded at the 2005 British Comedy Awards after ITV revealed that they did not win.

Their report added: "Robbie Williams was invited to present an award. It was understood that he would be happy [to do so] if the recipients were Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

"In order to ensure his attendance, this assurance was given."


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so,thieves AND liars!:mad:
someone needs to go to prison.

brian s

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It's very hard not to think of it as fraud. Granted it may be just as hard to "nail" indivduals but it is so wrong.

All the best


Where does this money go to ?

We frequently read that these corporations, phone companies, rail companies, water companies, etc, are fined large sums of money.
What interests me, is where these fines end up.
Does the money just disappear into the Government "Black Hole" ?

It should really be paid back to the customers that were defrauded, otherwise it is just extra revenue for the Government coffers, and the victims lose out yet again. :mad:

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