iTunes radio?????

Ned Senior

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Hello all
I am a big fan of radio and do not really watch tv or movies often at all
I would love to sit in my living room and control an internet radio tuner from my iPhone 3G and listen to the various genres of music I like through the amp in here... My router is just through a thin wall next to my pc so cabling would be simple (infact there is already a hole!!!)
I know I can use iTunes as that is what I do now BUT the choice of stations is limited... is there any way to improve on this costing not much cashola???
maybe by adding more stations to my radio playlist (how do I find on the web and add these to iTunes??????)
Ialready use remote to listen to the 11 stations I currently took from the standard iTunes list into a seperate playlist controllable by "remote app"

cheers all
I really want something like sonos but without the cost... squeezbox doesn't interest me I am unsure why it just doesn't!!!!!


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I use Squeezebox extensively for listening to internet radio (and can controlled with an iPod Touch/iPad, or Harmony remote).

iTunes is a great starter for internet radio but is limited compared to using something like a Squeezebox...

Wi-Fi Music Players

Ned Senior

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Thanks for that
I was umming and ahhhhring over buying an iPad for myself at xmas but noticed on amazon the mini is down to £540
It would be a stretch BUT very tempting
Otherwise another option is one of the similar dell machines!!!

To sit under the tv I mean!!!

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