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Sorry if these questions have already been answered:

When playing back music from the iTunes library, either on the PC or the iPod, any intentionally segued (linked) tracks are divided by the software. This is really irritating, and the only other option I can find is to select "Crossfade Playback", which starts the next track before the previous one finishes, which is also a pain in the arse. Is there another option I can select to retain the integrity of the original album?

Another question: can you upload the contents of you iPod into another PC user's iTunes library?

And one more:

Why do some imported MP3 files that I select from my C: drive import into the iTunes library in a completely different order to that which I selected, and gives me no option to jiggle them about. True, I can create a playlist to play in the correct order, but do I need to compile a playlist for every individual album I import?

Help please.
Hi, lets see if i can help

the 'gap' you hear between tracks unfortunately is a characteristic of the ipod and you cant do anything fundamentally about it. Search on this forum about the issue and you will see many topics,

you cant upload onto another pc user, the only way around this is to copy your files from your far as im aware anyway.! the ipod syncs with your itunes so if you connect it to a pc where you dont have your songs on it will delete the songs of your ipod

when you have loaded your mp3 into itunes, you can reorganise them in the same order as the cd, go to my library, and click on the track number heading, it should then organised into track no. order
Thanks Lukey for the advice. It was really helpful.
However, one small point. I don't know which versions of iTunes I'm running, but there doesn't seem to be a heading for track number on my library page.
if you go into itunes and on the top menu bar, have a look in the preferences submenu and there is a choice of what headings you can select to see in your library, this can vary from track name, bitrate used, file size, last played etc etc,. if you just check the box that says track no. it will add the track field to your itunes library, then when you go into your library either click on the track no. tab at the top or select the the files you want to rearrange first then click the track no. tab, this will then set them in track no. order.

Its just like when you sort data in an excel spreadsheet really

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