iTunes or high-end DVD player

blue max

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Hello All,
Just a general question.

I do tend to use iTunes pretty extensively. I rip my cd's in lossless format on a mac pro.

Anyway, I now have purchased a rather good home cinema amp. I am just wondering if a decent dvd player is going to make cd's sound any better than sending them from the computer.

I am not sure that with a 32in lcd tv, I am going to see a huge improvement in picture quality over my basic hdmi player v a high end dvd player.

Basically, am I better waiting for a hd source, rather than investing in 'old' technology.

Thoughts please.



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ill move this,as its in the wrong forum.

blue max

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Thanks Rotten,
It didn't get any response there, so probably a good idea.

Just to be clear, I am pretty happy with dvd playback on my hdmi connection via my Toshiba 360, but having bought a much better quality amp, am wondering whether to buy a much better one (for the audio side of things), or whether playing my music via a digital source (such as a computer) is of equal quality.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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