iTunes Match hammering my battery


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Anyone else having issues since turning on Match on your iPhone?

Have noticed that even sat idle with all my apps closed from the taskbar im losing around 10-15% battery every hour, its never ever been this bad before :(

Once I start playing music its getting absolutely hammered losing 4-5% every song :eek:


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Do you have the 4S ?

I have used Match to repopulate my library of only a 1000 songs. But I keep it switched off on my phone. My phone is set up to synch entirely with my PC iTunes library which I do via USB, so I got the Matched tracks that way on my phone. TBH, I prefer it this way so would not have known if there were potential battery issues for me. Mine is a 4.


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Nope, iv got it running on my 4s and battery life has not been affected in anyway, matched 7500 songs!
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