iTunes error message, help please


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Help please, im getting the following message when plugging my iPhone into iTunes.

"This iPhone cannot be used because the Apple mobile device service is not started"

I have not changed any settings recently and am running the latest version of iTunes and on my phone.



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Is this on a PC? Do you see the iPhone as a device in My Computer when you plug it in? If so, try right clicking on it, going to properties > driver and rolling back the driver for it. The Apple Mobile Device Service, IIRC, is basically the driver that makes a Windows computer recognise an iPhone for what it is, so either the AMDS has quit and not restarted, or is corrupt somehow, so rolling back the driver may kick-start it into working again.


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes it is on a PC and yes it does show up as a device in my computer.

When I right click on it, I can only see the details of the phone, name, seriel no. ets
c, no other options?

EDIT: the icon for the phone in my computer now shows up as a camera instead of a small pic of an iphone
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Hmm, been a while since I had an iPhone plugged into a Windows comp, and although I do remember it showing as a camera icon, I'm also sure I remember being able to get the properties up to see the driver details etc.


go to the star menu and run services.msc and enable apple mobile device and it should work. it sounds like that's disabled as a startup program (i usually have it disabled and start it when i want it

or you just just reinstall itunes and it will automatically force a ton of programs to start when you boot windows

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