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Hi all,

I've never used iTunes before so, please excuse what will probably be deemed a dumb question.

Am I right in thinking you can download iTunes music, and then play the tracks in Windows Media Player or burn them to a CD, or must they be played solely on the iTunes program?
Tracks bought form the iTMS are AAC DRM encoded. Far as im aware you can play the tracks in file format on iTunes only, but burned to a AUdio CD format you can play it on anything.


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iTunes downloads *used* to be all DRM'd but most of it nowadays is not, so it's free to use wherever.

However, can I ask WHY you would download it in iTunes, then put it into Windows Media Player to burn to a CD? You do know the iTunes application on your computer can play them (it's a media player) and can also burn them to CD? (iTunes actually does a MUCH better, and faster, job of burning to CD than Windows Media Player does)
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