iTunes Digital Copy Taking 24 Hours To Download!


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Hey Guy's,

Only posted once or twice but you are an awesome crowd so thought I'd ask a question.

Is anyone having problems downloading from the iTunes Store tonight? I got Harry Potter Part 2 and it say's it will take up to 27 hours to download!

I've done all the usual things like stop and select "Check for available downloads" and even restarted my MacBook but it's still going at a snails pace.

I'm on a 20mb connection and everything else is running fine.

Anyone got any ideas what might be going on? I know some might say that because it's Christmas it will be going slow but I've noticed it going slow for quite a few day's recently. A load of app updates took hours instead of minutes to download the other day.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas.




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Sorry to say, but it's most likely the servers being hammered due to xmas - lots of people will have got Triple Play discs and iTunes vouchers and will be downloading from Apple, and I guess people will also be renting from iTunes or using MusicMatch on their new ATV's and iPods too
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