iTunes as a music server?

Bill Noble

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Can anyone tell me if this is possible....

I have an iMac with iTunes. The iMac is kept in my office. I want to be able to use a remote control in the living room to display the iTunes app on my Plasma TV and select a tune to play on my ceiling speakers.

I have a CAT5 multi-room AV distribution system that switches audio and video sources to CAT5 sockets distribuuted around the house. The Plasma TV is connected to a Freeview box by this method.

I was wondering if it might be possible to connect the video output from the iMac as a source into the CAT5 network so it can be routed to the Plasma TV. The audio output from the iMac could be connected as another source into the CAT5 network so it can be routed to the ceiling speakers. I could then use the IR remote to send an IR signal back to an IR blaster connected to the front of the iMac.

Does anyone know of any reasons why this wouldn't work? Or can anyone propose an alternative/better solution?



theres no reason why that cant be done, I have done something similar by connecting my laptop to my plasma, this ten displays itunes and from there i select the songs i want, the connection to the plasma also has a phone connection to my surround sound system.

Your way is similar only in that you are using a remote control, the only thing to think about is that your imac would have to be permanetly switched on or you would just have to switch it on when you wanted to listen to your music.


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I also have an IMac in my (first floor) office and was considering a similar solution. In the end I went for the somewhat more epensive option of buying the new Intel Mac Mini to connect to the main TV. The new version of Front Row is able to connect wirelessly to the IMac (or other WiFi computer) and stream Video, Audio and Photos to the TV. That way I can keep the Mac Mini hard drive free for HiDef Video and such like. Works very well on the whole.

Bill Noble

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Can you tell me a little more about your setup? Is iTunes running on the iMac? Can you access the iMac's screen on your TV? How does Front Row stream from your iMac to your Mac Mini to your TV?

Bill Noble

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Many thanks for the link. It certainly looks interesting but what I am really hoping to achieve is to access the iMac Front Row on any TV in the house.

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